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Robot Hand with Light Bulb

When you came back from lunch time you found that there were pieces of scrap metal thrown around the classroom and some of the chairs were turned upside down. There were some pencils spread around the classroom. The door was open. What do you think happened at lunchtime in our classroom? Perhaps a Robot has been to visit - do you know of any Robots?


Design Task

Robot Leg

You will be asked to design a robot that you would like to own one day.

Your robot may have to do tasks that humans find difficult, boring, repetitive or dangerous.

It may do tasks like helping people or playing with them.


Design Process

  1. Watch the videos and read the web pages about what robos do that your teacher will select for you 

  2. Work in groups of four

Questions to discuss:

What is artificial intelligence?

What can robots do that humans can't?

Can Robots have emotions or feelings?

  1. Watch the timeline video on the development of Robots to be found on this site and read the Robot beginings List

Answer the true and false statements about robots on the True or False paper provided.

Record robots and the jobs they do in your work books.

On the Then and Now paper, in pictures & words record a job which is now carried out by robots but where previously carried out by a human.

What is positive & what is negative about this change?

  1. Write down on the post-it as many questions about Robots that you can

  2. Draw a picture of your favourite robot from the video you watched in your work book.

  3. Write notes/labels around the outside to show what the robot does.

Blindfold walking activity: Senses are very important for both humans and robots, try walking around without the use of our most important sense, vision.

Set up a simple course, where you have to pick an object up at the end of the course. Split into pairs and try and walk around the course blindfolded as the other student directs them with instructions; walk x paces, turn left/right, turn around, bend down , reach out etc.

  1. Write a newspaper article about a robot on a mission to save lives

  2. Design a poster and advertise a new 'helpful' robot for the home or play.

  3. Look at the timeline of Robots On the word map create label cards to put onto the map for the locations of key historical robots.

Look at the Robots around the World paper

1. In 2003 which country used the most Robots?

2. Find out from the Internet how many Robots are used in your ocuntry today


Now you know a lot more about Robots! Time for you to design a Robot of your own!

What is it made of?

What is it called?

What does it do?

How will it help human beings (remember that most robots are built to help us do tasks that are either very delicate and tricky (medical surgery for example) or boring (packaging in factories) or dangerous (space probes or military robots)

Does it have any Artificial Intelligence?

Label your picture to show all its features and how it works!

Have fun!!!



Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the jobs of Robots.
  • To find out how robots can come to the rescue in real life.
  • To write a newspaper article about a robot on a mission.
  • To advertise a new 'helpful' robot.
  • To locate the key countries on a map where robots have been made and consider the locations and why they are important.
  • To investigate how toys have changed over time to lead to the robots we have today.



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