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How do robots know, how and where they are supposed to move? As an introduction to coding and robotics, you can design a student robot that will execute commands given by students. This task is designed to be conducted without any technologial devices or prior knowledge about coding.


Design Task


You will explore basics of coding and learn that commands given by humans determine what the robot does.
You will design a robot which can move across your classroom and avoid obstacles.
You will learn what command line is and how the code makes a robot move.


Design Process

1. Make groups of two students.

2. Define a starting and end points. Then, design a path you want your robot to travel from the start to the end. Start from an easy route. Teacher can help you to design the first track.

3. Use the moving algorithm document (documents section on the right) to design the command lines instructing the robot to travel the path. Remember! The robot should be able to avoid obstacles while moving. Be precise, because robots take commands literally and can execute only the commands that are given.

4. Now it's time to test your command lines. One student gives commands according the command algorithm and the other student acts as a robot and moves (literally) as the command line tells.

5. How did you succeed?

6. If you run into problems (i.e. the robot run into an obstacle or did not follow the designed path), you need to revisit and modify the command line. After that, try executing the command lines again. You should repeat this stage until you succeed with the task (i.e. the robot can travel the desired path without running into obstacles). You can ask help from you classmates or even ask the whole class to debug the command line and get the code working.

7. Once you succeed, congratulations! You can now design a more challenging path or you can also try executing routes and commands designed by other pairs




After you have tested command lines in practice, have a discussion:
- What did you learn about coding and command line?
- How did the robot know how to move?
- What was easy and difficult?

You can now try the next step and carry out the part 2 of this Roboquest. Can robots do anything, if humans can determine a proper command line?

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn how to design precise command lines for robots
  • Students will learn how commands and algorithms determine the operations of robots
  • Students will learn how to design a moving command line collaboratively