This years FIRST LEGO League season is called “Animal Allies“ where more than 28,000 teams of students age 9 to 16* from more than 80 countries will research the collaboration between the humans and animals. What might become possible when we learn to help each other?

They aim is to find better partnership between these species and show it in a project presentation. Children have to make and program a LEGO Mindstorms robot to solve missions on this years robot game field. Besides that they have to follow the FIRST LEGO League Core Values, such as „We are a team“, „What we discover is more important than what we win“ and „We have fun“.

In Estonian final, the organisers hope to see more than 100 teams, which will be the new record of participating teams per season. In the Estonian final, there will be hopefully 36 participating teams in 7 countries (Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Lithuania, Sweden etc).