Robotex 2016 takes place 2 - 4 December. In this three-day family event different international robot competitions in both well-known and new fields take place. 23 different main and additional competitions are planned with the aim of providing the opportunity to participate and to develop skills for everybody – from elementary school students to highly qualified robot builders.

There are lot to discover in interactive Technology exhibition where this year approximately 35 different exponents with 150 exhibits are expected to take part. In 2016 the best works from creative contests are also exhibited at Robotex, which is free to enjoy for all visitors. More than 1,600 robot builders and approximately 16,000 spectators are expected to take part in the project.

Robotex is the greatest robotics competition in the Europe. Its main goal is to increase the interest of young people in technology education.

Robotics for School project is represented in the event with several workshops and activities provided by MTÜ Robootika and ITT Group OÜ.