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Home Security

Home security is important issue for many people. We want to keep our lives and property secure and safe.


One simple method is to have sufficient lighing in and around the home.


We often leave home lighting on when not at home or leave the lights on when we are at home but not using a specific room.


We do this often for security reasons but it is also wasting energy.


A system that turns lighting on only when needed is to be preferred.


By adding surveillance cameras and environment parameter measurement capability we can create a smart house concept that steers when the lights come on and turn off.


This is the scenario for your home automation design task !


Design Task

Home Security  cc

Your area is being targeted by a gang of burgalars.

Your loal Police Chief has called upon you to research and design an inexpensive home security system

The home security suyem should be built utilising easily available systems and components

The minmum requirements for the system brief is as follows:

When motion is detected by a PIR sensor, spot lights on the outside of the house will switch on and stay on for a set a period of time of approximately 2 minutes

The PIR will provide a trigger to switch on spot lights the and they will stay on if the person that triggered the sensor stays in the area.

If after two mijnutes of time has elapsed there is no further motion the light will switch off.

If the person continues moving in the vicinity of the motion sensor, it will then be triggered again and stay on for a further 2 minutes.

This cycle will continue as long as needed.

If the burgalar manages to enter the house, lights will be switched on in any vacant room they enter and an alarm will sound.



Design Process

Intorduction tasks


Start by watching the four you tube video on Home Security Top tips.

What are the main things to avoid reccomended in the video made by the West Midlands Police?

List the 10 tips the police reccomend for beating the burgalar?


Watch the video on different type sof surveilance camera.

Check the local/national laws about using surveliance cameras.


Watch the video Through the eyes of a burgalar. What are the main things a burgular looks for when planning a break-in?

What is the main thing a bugular would avoid?


Draw a plan of your own house, the school or the classroom and place on the plan the best place for your security systems, labelling each component.


Construct a simple model in card of the building you have chosen and its surrounding area




  1. Make a flow/logic diagram of how you think the system will work
  2. Choose PIR sensor

  3. Choose controller board (HomeLab, Lego, Arduino)

  4. Decide, how to connect a light and how to turn it on

  5. Make an electrical circuit drawing

  6. Connect the PIR and controller board according to you circuit diagram

  7. Connect appropriate relay or LED to simulate light.

  8. Check again if all devices are connected right

  9. Connect programmer or USB cable to program the device



  1. Install a programming environment which is suitable for chosen controller (HomeLab, Lego, Arduino)

  2. Check if a connection is established between PC and device

  3. Draw a program algorithm flow chart

  4. Implement a program according to the algorithm

  5. Debug and eliminate errors

  6. Check if program and entire solution meets requirements



  1. Document the project in words and pictures.

  2. Write a user manual for others who want to connstruct your system.
  3. Show everything to the Chief of Police !



Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To understand how simple sense and contral can be used in societynse
  • To find out how microcontroller based systems work
  • To understand the principle of how a PIR sensor works
  • To build simple smart home systems
  • Learn basic programming and flow logic
  • To investigate some simple electronics systems and facts
  • To carry out simple research into a problem




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