• Creating and Implementing Robotics For Schools

    This document introduces different methodologies, including practical guidance, on creating a range of activities and ideas for implementing Robotics for Schools in a teaching or training situation. The example Robotics for Schools model (Estonian model) is described in detail with practical guidelines are given. The main target group is primary school to upper secondary level (gymnasium level) but vocational level could also benefit from the publication. Read More
  • Good Practice

    This report shares good practices and successful pedagogies for robotics education from different European countries with particular focus on Estonia, Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Read More
  • Policy Document

    This document gives a good input for Policymakers in making wiser decisions about investing money in IT (robotics) education. It contains an overview of the coding and robotics curriculum in EU countries and the skills these studies will improve. There are also some sample guidelines for starting robotics teaching, with simple budget examples. Read More
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